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Why do I need to register to use the application?

myrapidTap application require user to register to use the application. 

I have registered an account. Do i need to activate it to be able to login?

Once registered, user account will be activated automatically.

What shall I do if I forget my password?

Do not panic, click on the reset passcode. Then key in your mobile number, you shall received a new six digit OTP code. Key in the six digit OTP code to relogin and reset your new password after first login. 

Why did my registration fail?

Your registration may have failed because you may be using an invalid mobile number.

Once registered, can i change my personal details?

Yes. Once registered, user can change their personal details through "Profile".

How secure is my personal details?

rest assured that user details and credentials are secured since we have taken the necessary security measures and shall maintain its integrity.

WilI I receive an email notification after I have successfully signed up?

No, one will not received email notification as email is not required for sign up.

What is myrapidTap?

MyrapidTap is a mobile application that provides a seamless electronic transaction using QR Pay and E-Wallet.

What are the services available in myrapidTap?

MyrapidTap offers the following services:

  • Transit QR pay

  • E- Wallet

  • Collect and redeem rewards point

Will I received notifications in the app for status and promotions?

yes, notifications will be sent out accordingly.

How do I view my details in the app?

You may view your details under the "Profile" section.


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